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Our shop is outfitted with an extensive range of equipment to allow us to meet the needs of our broad customer base. Our equipment can accommodate a wide range of sizes and quantities.


CNC Equipment

Machining Centers:
        (1) Hermle C400
                Capabilities: 5 axis mill with the capacity to handle up to 35"                                                    diameter x 25" tall components. A axis travels of                                                  -140/+90 degrees. 

         (2) Mazak VTC-300C

Capabilities: Large, 3-axis mills with travels of 65” x 32” x 40”


(1) Mazak VCN 530C

Capabilities: Mid-size, 3-axis mill with travels of 40” x 20” x 24”

(1) Mazak VTC800SR

         Capabilities: Large 5 axis mill with travels of 118" x 32"x 40"

                                 Equipped with true position A and B axis

(1) Mazak HCN5000

         Capabilities: Large horizonal mill with 2 piece pallet changer and true                                   position B axis to process large batches more                                                       efficiently.

(1) Haas VF2SS

Capabilities: Mid-size, 3-axis mill with travels of 30” x 16” x 20”

File Nov 16, 2 32 21 PM.jpeg
Turning Centers:

         (1) Mazak QT400

Mid-size, 2-axis lathe with the capacity to handle 24” diameter x 40” in length components


(1) Mazak Slant Turn 550M

Large, big bore mill turn lathe with the capacity to handle parts up to 38” diameter x 120” in length.

*The milling capabilities allow more efficient processing, as one machine is able to complete most of the work in the same process.

(1) Mazak QT200

Small, 2-axis lathe with the capacity of up to 14” diameter x 24” in length. 4,000 RPM spindle allows for more efficient processing of smaller components.


Manual Equipment

Lathes and Mills:

(1) Hwacheon horizontal lathe

Capacity of up to 24” diameter x 60” long


(1) Summit horizontal lathe

Capacity of up to 40” diameter x 120” long

(1) Niles vertical lathe

Allows the process of eccentric, unbalanced components up to 54” in diameter x 36” in length

(1) Leblond horizontal lathe

Big bore lathe with the capacity to handle up to 40” diameter x 240” in length.

(1) Lucas horizontal boring mill

Can handle large components with travels of 120” x 108” x 96”

Grinding Equipment:

12” x 30” Reid surface grinder

36” Rotary Blanchard grinder

10” x 36” Jones and Shipman OD/ID grinder


36” x 120” Newall OD grinder


CNC Waterjet

CNC waterjet

Flow Waterjet

5-axis waterjet with the capabilities of cutting up to 6” thick material with high accuracy and superior surface finishes. Capable of handling 16’ x 12’ plates. The 5-axis capabilities allow us to produce features such as chamfers and tapered walls, eliminating processes that would otherwise have to be completed on additional equipment.


CNC Waterjet


Heat treating capabilities


CAD/CAM software

Autodesk Inventor for CAD software; Inventor HSM/ FeatureCAM/ PowerMill for CAM software.

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