Our shop is outfitted with an extensive range of equipment to allow us to meet the needs of our broad customer base. Our equipment can accommodate a wide range of sizes and quantities.


CNC Equipment

Machining Centers:
        (1) Hermle C400
                Capabilities: 5 axis mill with the capacity to handle up to 35"                                                    diameter x 25" tall components. A axis travels of                                                  -140/+90 degrees. 

         (2) Mazak VTC-300C

Capabilities: Large, 3-axis mills with travels of 65” x 32” x 40”


(1) Mazak VCN 530C

Capabilities: Mid-size, 3-axis mill with travels of 40” x 20” x 24”

(1) Mazak VTC800SR

         Capabilities: Large 5 axis mill with travels of 118" x 32"x 40"

                                 Equipped with true position A and B axis

(1) Mazak HCN5000

         Capabilities: Large horizonal mill with 2 piece pallet changer and true                                   position B axis to process large batches more                                                       efficiently.

(1) Haas VF2SS

Capabilities: Mid-size, 3-axis mill with travels of 30” x 16” x 20”

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Turning Centers:

         (1) Mazak QT400

Mid-size, 2-axis lathe with the capacity to handle 24” diameter x 40” in length components


(1) Mazak Slant Turn 550M

Large, big bore mill turn lathe with the capacity to handle parts up to 38” diameter x 120” in length.

*The milling capabilities allow more efficient processing, as one machine is able to complete most of the work in the same process.

(1) Mazak QT200

Small, 2-axis lathe with the capacity of up to 14” diameter x 24” in length. 4,000 RPM spindle allows for more efficient processing of smaller components.


Manual Equipment

Lathes and Mills:

(1) Hwacheon horizontal lathe

Capacity of up to 24” diameter x 60” long


(1) Summit horizontal lathe

Capacity of up to 40” diameter x 120” long

(1) Niles vertical lathe

Allows the process of eccentric, unbalanced components up to 54” in diameter x 36” in length

(1) Leblond horizontal lathe

Big bore lathe with the capacity to handle up to 40” diameter x 240” in length.

(1) Lucas horizontal boring mill

Can handle large components with travels of 120” x 108” x 96”

Grinding Equipment:

12” x 30” Reid surface grinder

36” Rotary Blanchard grinder

10” x 36” Jones and Shipman OD/ID grinder


36” x 120” Newall OD grinder


CNC Waterjet

CNC waterjet

Flow Waterjet

5-axis waterjet with the capabilities of cutting up to 6” thick material with high accuracy and superior surface finishes. Capable of handling 16’ x 12’ plates. The 5-axis capabilities allow us to produce features such as chamfers and tapered walls, eliminating processes that would otherwise have to be completed on additional equipment.




Heat treating capabilities


CAD/CAM software

Autodesk Inventor for CAD software; Inventor HSM/ FeatureCAM/ PowerMill for CAM software.