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Belisle Machine & Tool, Camden, TN
Sam Belisle

IN MEMORY: Sam Belisle - January 10th, 1994-February 5th, 2019

Belisle Machine & Tool was established in 1979 by Frank Belisle, and his wife, Mary. Frank worked in the tool and die industry throughout his life, gaining the experience and attention to detail he would later implement in his own business. In those early years, Frank and Mary ran their business with a small crew which included their sons, John and Jeff. Now, the legacy of our business continues as the third generation prepares to take the reins of Belisle Machine and Tool.

The first facility was a block building with approximately 3000 square feet. In this small building, the reputation that built this business began with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Throughout the years, we have grown and technology has advanced, but the foundational principles remain.

Belisle Tool began as a precision grinding shop, producing tooling for the electric motor industry. Along with the manufacturing of precision tooling, the company was given the opportunity to rebuild equipment for this industry.


It was 1985 that the business started to change directions, when a manufacturer approached us with an opportunity to design and produce an automated machine to assemble rotors. The request was simple: a machine to produce quality rotors at a rate of one every 2 to 3 seconds. After a couple years of trial and error, the design was perfected and became the first of 6 machines built for this manufacturer. This opportunity gave us the capital to begin building the facilities we operate in today and additional direction to expand our business base.

In 1988, we purchased property and began building the facility at our current location. Since the initial facility of 10,000 sq. ft. was built, we have added 2 additions of 8,000 and 10,000 sq. ft. each to accommodate additional equipment as we grew.

Our business base has moved from our roots in the electric motor and automotive industries to profitable relationships with many industries including the aluminum mill and pigment industries. We have the ability to quickly and accurately produce replacement equipment components, as well as provide repair services, prototyping, small batch production, and design services.

No history could be complete without recognizing those whose hard work and expertise have helped in building the business and reputation we enjoy today. Our employees offer the benefit of years of experience gained through their dedication to their profession. We have been extremely fortunate, and we continue to expand our customer base and search for ways to better serve our customers.

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